Dear Parents,

We consist of a Baby Unit, Toddler Rooms, Pre School Rooms, Cooking Area, and a purpose built soft play area.

All children are treated as individuals, so I insist there is no set age when children move through the rooms. Basically, a child moves when you the parent, and my staff, the practitioners, feel your child is ready for the next adventure.

Set in stone however is the child to staff ratios which are as follows;

Under 2 : 3 children to 1 member of Staff

Under 3 :4 children per 1 member of Staff

Over 3: 8 children to 1 member of Staff

We also, on top of these ratios, our Manager, Chef , House Keeper and Myself are all supernumerary.

We also have jo Jingles , a cooking teacher and a Spanish company come in at no extra cost to you .

The menus change every 3 to 4 months to accomodate changes in season for fruits and vegetables. Menus are worked out on an 11 day cycle so that which ever days your child attends they will be able to sample all dishes. You can be rest assured that your child will always have a fresh and nutritionally balanced meal. All allergies can be catered for this will be discussed at your first settling in session. Please see the attached current Spring Menu 2022.

Soft Play Room

All ages of children have access to our separate soft play building which is exclusive to Holly Cottage. It has various soft play buildable blocks as well as slides and a ball pit.

Baby Unit

Our Baby Unit is located upstairs with two multi use sensory rooms, two cot rooms, milk kitchen and a nappy changing area.  The rooms are designed to be an exciting environment where babies can feel safe to explore their surroundings. Children are encouraged to develop their sensory skills through various activities. Please see our Baby Room Timetable for more details. As well as having use of the soft play room twice a day, the Baby unit also has the luxury of their own garden which is filled with age appropriate toys and equipment.

Toddler Rooms

Our Toddler room is made up of three flexible areas designed to adapt to an array of fun filled activities which include a messy play, arts and crafts, dressing up and drama and construction areas, whilst still offering the children a quiet space to reflect with a designated reading corner. By having the areas flexible it allows our toddlers to explore and experiment with a wide range of materials and activities to enhance their sensory skills.

The toddlers also have access to two toilet areas with nappy changing facilities. For more information please see the Toddler Room Timetable. As well as having use of the soft play room twice a day, they also have the luxury of their own garden with access to the Holly Cottage outdoor cafe, the gardening area, the Hollyport beach and field.


Our Pre-School provides activities and education with a focus on preparing your child for school. With two large, multi purpose flexible rooms which can cater to many adaptable areas such as Science, Construction, Arts and Crafts, Drama, Messy play, Circle time and a designated reading corner.

For more information please see the Preschool Timetable .The Pre-Schoolers have access to their own toilet facilities as well as access to their own garden with child led games and toys, the soft play room, the gardening area, Holly cottage outdoor cafe, Holyport beach and field.

Outdoor Spaces

Having adventures in the great outdoors is what childhood is all about, that is why we have put an equal amount of time and energy into both out rooms and outdoor spaces. We are so lucky to have individual gardens for each room as well as an amazing field. This vast space includes a sand pit, a purpose built decking ‘Holyport beach,’ outdoor cooking area, gardening area and the ‘Holly Cottage Outdoor Cafe.’ Each of our gardens have ample trikes and apparatus catered to the children’s age.